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Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Bridge Academy of Southwest Michigan! We’re excited you’re here and honored to serve you and your family in the pursuit of education. Bridge Academy creates a unique environment for flexible learning and gives every student opportunities for success. You will soon see how Bridge Academy is more than just a school, but a caring community of staff all dialed in on student success.

Bridge Academy of Southwest Michigan (BASWM) will earn your trust by providing you or your student with a high quality, free education that is aligned to a meaningful career path.

The Bridge Academy is an academic and vocationally focused training center designed to prepare youth, grades 9-12 for the local labor force. Students are provided access to an education built on the values of safety, respect, and equality. Students will have the opportunity to gain the essential skills necessary for employment, obtain a high school diploma, and earn industry recognized certifications, develop soft skills and leadership skills and more!


Allie Knapp

School Leader, Bridge Academy of Southwest Michigan


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