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At the Academy, there is a less-restrictive environment which allows you to flourish academically and be inspired by career exploration leading to sustainable employment after graduation.

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Step-by-step instructions for applying at the Bridge Academy of Southwest Michigan.​


Upon enrollment, you’ll meet with a member of our team to discuss your academic history, to map credits and courses for graduation, and to develop a schedule that works for you, inclusive of onsite and online learning. Each new student also completes a barrier survey to identify what, if any, barriers we can take off your plate. We can help out with childcare, transportation, and much more.


You will then be provided with a program description that includes expectations for work in and out of school, requirements for satisfactory completion of credits, as well as the process of earning competencies leading to work experiences and graduation requirements.


Next, we introduce you to the Academy’s philosophy and ask you to commit to the core values of integrity, opportunity and purpose. This is a big deal to us because these values drive our work.


We leave you with a Student Success Plan (SSP), that includes pathways to vocational training, employment and/or postsecondary education.