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Kimberly Penny


Kimberly Penny-Word has a robust amount of personal and professional experience that makes her a quality board member.  Kim was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 2010.  Following her discharge, Kimberly focused her career in the culinary field, where she excelled and held many restaurant positions including caterer, company owner, sous chef and dinning director.  Kimberly’s experience in the hospitality industry has led to a deep understanding of the need for high quality training for young people as they determine what career path is most suitable for them.


In addition to Kim’s vast experience in the military and hospitality industry, her greatest source of pride is her family.  Kimberly’s son, Karrington, attended a Michigan Works! program where he excelled in both the academic and vocational training spaces, and he graduated in 2013.  Kim’s experience as a mother to a child in a vocationally-aligned program gives her ample experience to represent the many families who trust Bridge Academy of Southwest Michigan with their student’s education. 

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